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Testimonials 1

Illinois, IL

I thought garage door repairs were gonna be a nightmare when I realized my garage door wasn’t hitting the ground evenly. After doing some research on the internet, it turns out that fixing an off track garage door is really dangerous. That’s why I chose to call Richton Park Garage Doors. They showed up at my place in less than an hour and got my garage door back on track that day. The technicians were so nice and knowledgeable that I wondered why I was even afraid to call them. Garage door repairs are easy and affordable with Richton Park Garage Doors!

Project Date: 31/10/2014

Testimonials 2

Seattle, WA

Left for work one morning when my garage door didn’t close. Couldn’t just leave it open all day, so I called Richton Park Garage Doors. The friendly customer service said they would dispatch their team immediately, and they got my garage door opener working again in no time at all. I am really grateful that they were able to show up as fast as they did. Thankfully my boss understood why I was late.

Project Date: 12/12/2013

Testimonials 3

Washington DC

Having little kids and a broken garage door is a no-no. I needed a garage door company that would fix my garage door fast – and at a good price, too. I knew something was wrong when my son noticed a hanging cable from the roof of the garage. When Richton Park Garage Doors got to my house, they explained that my garage door cable had snapped, and I was right to call them. The whole door could have fallen on my little boy! They fixed the cable with the equipment they had in their truck, and quoted me a great price on the repairs as well. To avoid this happening again, I now have their team check my garage door every month for free!

Project Date: 15/02/2014

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