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Garage Doors Off Track

For many years, Richton Park Garage Doors has re-aligned garage doors across this great town. Because a garage door can weigh over 200lbs, we do not recommend putting a garage door back on track yourself. Place your trust in our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians to get your garage door working again in no time.

Richton Park Garage Doors is available 24/7 for our customer’s convenience. There is no need to wait until the next day for garage door services when you can call Richton Park Garage Doors for emergency garage door repair. We will follow these steps once we have explicit instructions from you to put your garage door back on track:

  • Gathering Tools

Our professional experts use only the latest tools when servicing your garage door, which include locking pliers, pliers, and a rubber mallet.

  • Disconnecting Opener

The opener will be disconnected by pulling the red release rope that hangs from the ceiling.

  • Securing Door

The door needs to be secured before we can start work. Our technicians will snap the pair of locking pliers underneath the door on one side of the tracks.

  • Fixing Tracks

Your garage door has most likely jumped its track because there is debris or dents in the track. Our technicians will locate the disturbance and hammer down the track if needed.

  • Testing Door

We will manually raise and lower the door to ensure it stays on its tracks.

  • Final Steps

The opener is reconnected and we press it multiple times. Richton Park Garage Doors will never leave the site until we are 100% confident the door is fixed.

Don’t waste another moment wondering who to call during your garage door crisis. With our fast response, low prices, and hard-working technicians, the choice is clear. Call us today for a free quote on garage door off track repair!

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