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Garage Door Decoration Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us once again, and many people are looking forward to snow, presents, and a jolly big man in a red suit. Decorating your home in favor of the cheerful spirit is just one of the ways Richton Park residents are preparing for this time of year. If you plan to incorporate your garage door in your home decorations, follow these safety tips so as not to put a damper on this joyful season.

  • Always Use Ladders and Spots

Only stable ladders should be used if you’re hanging Christmas lights or setting up decorations above your garage. Also make sure to have someone hold the ladder from the bottom.

  • Know Your Garage Door Material

Do you know if your garage door is made out of wood or steel? The more you know about your garage door could alter what decorations you want to hang.

  • Garage Door Access

Keeping your remote in a secure place and away from children is more important now than any other time of year. To keep intruders from infiltrating your home through your garage, change your access codes regularly.

  • Wear Proper Garments

Buy a pair of slip-resistant shoes if you’re going to be outside in the snow for a long amount of time.

Illinois in the winter is a perfect picture of American beauty. Keep your family safe and your home beautiful this season by being smart about your garage door decorations. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact Richton Park Garage Doors.

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